Falcon Crest Flashback

March 4, 1988
27 years ago, Maggie drowned her sorrows in drinks and Eric and Vickie stole some money from Richard  when this episode aired:
7x19 (EP #174) Wheels Within Wheels
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Falcon Crest_#174_Wheels Within Wheels

Falcon Crest Flashback

March 4, 1983
32 years ago, Julia reached big disapointment and Maggie got attacked by Agretti’s murderer when this episode aired:
2x21 (EP #039) Maelstrom
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Falcon Crest_#039_Maelstrom

Clip of the Week

Falcon Crest Clip of the Week!
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Happy Birthday, John Aprea

Today, John Aprea turns 74! Happy Birthday, John!
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03-04_John Aprea


Falcon Crest in German TV again

Falcon Crest returns to German TV – again!
Starting April12, German TV station Sat1 Gold will air Falcon Crest. Let’s keep fingers crossed they won’t stop the airing as SIXX did earlier this year.
As soon as we have some air dates we’ll publish them.


Falcon Crest Flashback

March 3, 1989
26 years ago, Maggie decided to leave Richard and Ben had an accident with his new car when this episode aired:
8x14 (EP #197) Uneasy Allies
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Falcon Crest_#197_Uneasy Allies

Season 8 Gallery Update

Falcon Crest Photo of the Week!
Dan Ferro, Kristian Alfonso, Castulo Guerra, Danny Nucci
Episode #184 (8x01) "Changing Times"
©1988 Lorimar

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#184f.01 Alfonso, Guerra, Ferro & Nucci - SP - bw

Parker Stevenson Interview

Stevenson_Parker 02.01 SP - Headshot - 2010-09©imdbLast year in July, Parker Stevenson was interviewed by Jim Longworth at the Western Film Fair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
He talked about his acting career, about North & South, Baywatch and also about his photography which can be checked out here: http://www.parkerstevensonshadowworks.com/

The interview is now available on youtube. Check it out here:



Scene of the Week

Falcon Crest Scene of the Week!
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6x14 Dark Passion #141

Carla Gugino in Wayward Pines

Gugino_Carla 01.01 Wayward Pines © 2014 FOXCarla Gugino (Sydney St. James from Falcon Crest’s season 9) will star in the upcoming FOX series Wayward Pines by M. Night Shyamalan (see our news dated 2013-07-29).

Finally, a release date has been announced: The series will premiere on May 14, 2015.

Wayward Pines centers on a Secret Service agent named Ethan Burke (played by Matt Dillon) who’s searching for two missing agents in the titular town.

Gugino plays Kate Hewson, Ethan’s former partner and ex-girlfriend who now lives in Wayward Pines. She’s smart, capable, loyal, fiery, blunt and fearless. But their former love for each other simmers just below the surface.

The star-studded project (Juliette Lewis, Melissa Leo, Terence Howard and Reed Diamond are also part of the cast), based on the best-selling novel of the same name, is billed as a mind-bending new thriller set in a small town where nothing is what it seems.

There’s also a brand new trailer online.